πŸ€” Frequently Asked Questions

Why no Auth.js / NextAuth.js support?

NextAuth.js is web only, unfortunately.

See this Github issue (opens in a new tab) for a discussion on the topic.

Why Cloudflare D1?

In anticipation of D1 reaching a stable release soon, I've decided to use it as the default database for this project.

D1 is a great option for a few reasons:

  • It's free, with the lowest costs for additional storage
  • It's fast (low latency)
  • It's serverless
  • It's easy to use

Drizzle + D1 is a great combination for a serverless app.

In the meantime, Cloudflare R2 integration is easier than ever. The bulk of your data storage usage will likely take place in R2.

Why no Prisma support?

Prisma is not supported in Cloudflare Workers because it's a chunky boi in terms of bundle size.

Supabase warning logged in local dev

If you see this warning in your console when running bun web. You can safely ignore it.

No storage option exists to persist the session, which may result in unexpected behavior when using auth.
If you want to set persistSession to true, please provide a storage option or you may set
persistSession to false to disable this warning.

Can Expo SDK libraries be used for React Native within T4?

Absolutely! You can use any Expo SDK libraries you want.

View the docs on file structure to learn more (opens in a new tab).

Does T4 Stack support Next.js app directory?

Currently, there are no immediate plans to migrate T4 stack to the Next.js app directory, despite the compatibility of app directory with Tamagui. This decision is primarily influenced by concerns regarding stability and performance issues associated with the app directory.

It is well documented on Twitter that Next.js app directory degrades performance and stability of Next.js apps in local develoment and production. This is a known issue that is being worked on by the Next.js team.